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New Grazing Food Product Launch - The Grazing Zebra Online

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Following the success of our Grazing food at a recent wedding event catered for by The Grazing Zebra, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new grazing food product now available online – the Single Serve Grazing Cup.

At The Grazing Zebra, we enjoy providing catering for any event, but of course a wedding event always feels that little bit extra special... The guests are always happy and excited for the celebrations to begin, the happy couple are excited to get married and celebrate with their loved ones - and obviously everyone is excited when the food and cake is being served!

As well as offering home delivery of grazing products, The Grazing Zebra is well known for our event catering expertise and high level of hospitality service. From large corporate event catering and wedding event catering in Cambridgeshire, to low key functions and birthday party catering; our artisan grazing platters and grazing tables always go down a treat, whether it's our savoury grazing or sweet grazing options.

Due to the success of The Grazing Zebra, we are always looking at ways to improve and expand our offering, so we are extremely happy to be able to launch our new Single Serve Grazing Cup product - especially after having received such a fantastic, positive response on them from the most recent wedding party catering event at The Grange Barn in Bourne. It was one of our favourite wedding catering events in Lincolnshire to date - the venue was stunning and the wedding party was a spectacular event!

These ready to serve cups are perfect as Wedding Canapés, ideal for Corporate and Brand events, Low Key events, Dinner Parties and so much more! A unique solution to light catering, and a fun way to enjoy an artisan savoury treat.

Aesthetically pleasing, each cup is filled to the brim with artisan cheeses, charcutiere, pickles, fresh fruit, veg and crackers.

If you'd like to order our grazing cups for a party or event, you can order our Single Serve Grazing Cups Online, or why not browse some of our other Grazing Products?

Alternatively, if you have a special event that you need catering for, please get in touch today... call Gabriella on 07861898476 or email


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