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5 things I’ve learnt about catering since having my own business…

Through my Business The Grazing Zebra I have attended events across the East of England, helping people to celebrate special occasions or to keep hungry business asociates happy with my artisan finger food banquets. But what have I learnt about the important role of being a caterer at these events, running my own business, and the world of catering as a whole?

The Grazing Zebra Events Catering Specialist Cambridgeshire

1. You never switch off

Your mind is always in motion and always thinking about the next order you’ve got booked in, or an event you’re catering for. From ordering the stock on time and calculating the correct quantities, to when your next delivery is coming, have I got enough/have I got too much, which supplier to call etc.

2. Caring about the smallest detail

It's important to make a perfect set up for each customer whether they order a small grazing box or book a party for 30 people. It can be a ‘blessing’ for sure as each customer can be assured that their food is not only prepared fresh to order but is also aesthetically pleasing. And ‘a curse’ when you find yourself trimming bunchstem of grapes to make it look perfect (true fact, I never knew I’ve got that in me!)

3. Organisation and multitasking are key!

Prepping like a pro can really speed up fulfilment of orders and being able to deliver them on time. All food is prepared fresh on the day but certain tasks such as washing fruit and veg in advance, or pre-cutting cakes can help with deadlines on the day.

4. Catering is a bit like art.

Caterers tend to be predominantly artistic individuals also thrive at influencing and persuading others. YES. I’m a bossy boots and I like to do things my way.

5. The key to a success in catering is excellent customer service.

Although the primary focus of catering is obviously the food itself, a caterer must also provide top-notch customer service. From initial communication with the customer and providing them with a quote, you have to ensure that you cover all their needs and wants, and tick off all dietary requirements and allergies. Your catering business will take you out of your kitchen and into the environment of those you are serving. It’s also very important to follow up after the event and check if everything was to customer’s satisfaction.

If you have an event coming up that you need catering for, please get in touch with me, Gabriella or check out my event catering page for more information.

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