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When Entertaining At Home Is Better Than Going Out

Nothing beats entertaining in the comfort of your own home. Less distraction, more time to chat and catch up without feeling rushed!

Our Grazing Tables and Grazing Platters are fantastic solution to relaxed home catering where guests can help themselves at their own pace and keep coming back for more food if desired. When you have a mixed age group of guests (especially very young children!) it’s far more relaxing to enjoy food and drink at home then going out to a restaurant. Think of all the toys and equipment you’ve at home already to keep the little ones busy without causing havoc to other restaurant goers when the tantrums start!

👉 You don’t have to dress up and you can enjoy a more casual, laid back family/friends affair. Pyjama party anyone?! Hmmm, not my scene though.

👉 I know there is washing up to do and a clean-up afterwards which doesn’t seem like a plus side at all, but if you plan accordingly- e.g. use our disposable and eco-friendly plates and cutlery as well as recyclable platters then all you have to do once the party is over is to dispose of them and Voilà - no washing up!

👉 The cost of drinks in a restaurant is rather expensive. Planning ahead for your party and getting some bargains when you do your regular shop can help you save a few pennies.

👉 You know what’s in your food especially if you order from a reputable caterer like us! The Grazing Zebra offers only high quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. We take pride in every order we create, making it fresh on the day and delivering it in temperature controlled cool bags. We talk openly about what fantastic cheeses and charcuterie we use and most of them are award winning too.

👉 Doing all the work yourself is pretty stressful from planning the menu, shopping for all ingredients, prepping, to making it delicious and visually appealing… it’s a hard work indeed!

Our hassle-free, luxury Grazing Platters are ideal solution. Delivered to your door, they’re already pre-arranged and ready to serve. Set up is also included with fresh foliage and finishing touches.

Want some help with entertaining at home? Email us at:


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