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Wedding Catering 101 - The Grazing Zebra Wedding Food Tips

Updated: May 19, 2023

Weddings are very exciting but they can also be very stressful events; as they involve months and months of meticulous planning, often require considerable budgets and inevitably carry a high level of expectations on the day. Gabriella at The Grazing Zebra explains more about what to expect from a Wedding Caterer.

A Wedding and Events Caterer should help the couple define the experience they want their guests to have, advise them on the best way to achieve it and then make it happen. Their role is to focus on the needs of your guests, not to pander to your every whim. The days of “dropping off the food and running” are over; the involvement of a catering business goes far beyond this. At The Grazing Zebra I ensure that all the dietary requirements are met of both the hosts and the guests, as well as ensuring that the food is delicious, varied and well presented - all whilst using the best quality locally sourced ingredients.

The Grazing Zebra was tasked with creating luxury cheese boards for a relaxed, festival

themed wedding that needed to feed the guests in the evening. The lovely couple were the

most chilled I’ve came across and allowed me to make recommendations for their menu. I

served a selection of artisan cheeses made by an award winning local Cheese monger, accompanied by artisan crackers and toasts for cheese, fresh olive bread, selection of artisan chutneys, olives, pickles as well as seasonal fruit and veg. I was basically tasked with creating the ultimate Grazing Platter!

The wedding food was beautifully presented on bespoke oak boards that can be hired for your venue too, with added mini white flowers bouquets with a branded grosgrain ribbon for that extra

special touch.


If you’re planning your big day and would like impress your guests with delicious grazing

food – served either on Grazing Platters, as a Grazing Table or in Wedding Catering canapé style as Grazing Cups please email to discuss your requirements.


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